Mary Coyle Ol' Fashion Ice Cream

Thank You, Fans, Friends and Backers!

"First of all, to our friends, fans and backers, I say thank you. Many of you who have been ardent Mary Coyle fans over the years continue to support the brand, even as I look for new opportunities to bring you the ice cream you’ve always loved. The Kickstarter campaign that I embarked on 45 days ago is complete, and unfortunately I was unable to secure the amount of funding I need to get the ice cream truck on the road.

Although our Kickstarter effort was ultimately unsuccessful, there will still be a future for Mary Coyle Ol’ Fashion Ice Cream. I am currently, as I have been throughout the Kickstarter campaign, looking for a brick and mortar location suitable for ice cream production. Several locations have expressed an interest in having us as tenants, thanks to the strength of the Mary Coyle brand and the great ice cream it represents. Should I find a location that fits Mary Coyle’s needs, I look forward to setting up shop again and serving ice cream to all of our loyal customers. Stay tuned to our social channels for coming announcements about Mary Coyle’s future."

Our Story

Mary Coyle Ol' Fashion Ice Cream is a part of the fabric of modern Phoenix. The ice cream and the memories created when visiting Mary Coyle have been a staple for the families in the local community since 1951, when Mary moved to Phoenix from Akron, Ohio. The ice cream is nothing short of fantastic.